Ángel LM

Hello! My name is Ángel Larrañaga Muro, and I am a Maker.

When I was a kid I wanted to be a paleontologist, but when I realised that if I found fossils I couldn not keep them, I decided to become something related with robots. Maybe to build a cyborg dinosaur? Who knows...

I have been working as Electronic & Automation Engineer since 2015.
I learned about Programming, 3D Design, Industrial Automation, Robotics and many more useful skills.

I think that it is important to share the knowledge and guarantee its access for everyone, everywhere.
That is why I share my personal projects on GitHub using OpenSource licenses.
Apart from robotics and electronics, my other great passion is to travel. I dream with a trip around the world!

If you want to see my projects or know more about me, do not hesitate to click on the links below!